Secret to Building an Email List

The Real Secret to Building your Email List

As an Internet Marketer, one of the biggest questions that I am asked is…

“What is your secret for building an email list?”

First of all, there really isn’t a secret for building an email list. All of the methods that I use for building an email list are tried and true and have been used in the industry for quite some time.

In very simple terms, you can build an email list by driving traffic to an opt in. That opt in can be a form on a website or it can be a landing page. Either way, the goal is to collect the subscribers email. Sometimes we accomplish this by offering the subscriber something in return. This can be in the form of an ebook or a report or even an audio that they can listen to.

So now we know that you build an email list by driving traffic to an opt in. The next question is…

“How do we drive traffic to the opt in for building an email list?”

Basically, there are really only two ways to get traffic to your opt in…

1. Free Traffic.
2. Paid Traffic.

First let’s cover free traffic.

Free Traffic

Free traffic can be some of the best traffic that you can get for building an email list, but it takes a lot of time and a lot of content to develop.

“How does it work?’

Basically you create a lot of valuable content on your website or blog and people find that content. They like that content and they want to hear what else you have to say!

They begin to like you and your content and your style, so they sign up in your web form on your website.

This is the best subscriber that you can get. They like you. They trust you, and they want to hear more from you. That plays perfectly into an email campaign where you will provide them with more great content and occasionally offer them something valuable which they can purchase.

The whole key to this process is great content. You can’t just offer your subscriber things to purchase. You must provide lots of valuable content that they can use. You must always give more than you take, or you will… and should lose your subscriber.

The lesson that you need to learn here is that you don’t succeed at something by trying to make money. You succeed at something by trying to succeed at that thing… and money will follow. Internet marketing is no different.

My goal in Internet Marketing is to provide people with top quality, valuable content. That is why I am successful! I make a lot of money because I achieve my goal.

You need to step back and be able to “see the forest through the trees”. If your only goal is to make money online… you would fail! You need to have a goal to help people to find the quality, valuable information that they seek. Only then will you make money online!

So… We’ve established that the best subscribers that you can get are from free traffic, but it takes a lot of work and a lot of time to get them. That leads us to the second way to drive traffic to our opt in for building an email list… Paid traffic.

Paid Traffic

First of all, let me say that I don’t like the term “paid traffic”. While it is true that you have to pay for it, it is more of an investment, because the whole idea here is that you are investing in a subscriber for the opportunity to provide them with valuable content and occasionally sell them a valuable product… OVER THEIR ENTIRE LIFETIME!

Do you see my point? You pay once for a subscriber, but if you treat them right and provide them with a valuable resource, you can sell them things that will benefit them for the rest of their life! That is why I like to refer to paid traffic as… “Investment Traffic”

Okay, I can hear you saying…”Alright already, just tell us how to GET investment traffic!”

There are a number of ways that you can get investment traffic for building an email list, but for this blog post, I am going to cover the two that have worked best for me.

1. Solo Ads
2. Facebook Ads

First, let’s talk about solo ads.

What is a solo ad?

A solo ad is something that you can purchase from someone that has a large list in the niche that you’re interested in and can be used for building an email list.

Let’s say that you want subscribers in the internet marketing niche. You come to me and say, “I will pay you a dollar a click to send people from your list to my opt in.” I agree and I send an email to my list with your offer, and if they like your offer, they sign up for your list.

I know what you’re thinking… “Why would they buy something from me when they have probably already been offered the same thing from you.”

It comes down to a rule that we learned in a college marketing course… Yes, it’s a little fuzzy after all these years, but rules always ring true.

The “Rule of Seven”.

The Rule of Seven is a marketing term which dictates that the average prospect needs to see and hear a marketing message at LEAST seven times before making the decision to purchase… So, by sharing subscribers on a list, you are actually increasing your odds that they will buy from you.

If you are interested in building an email list quickly, solo ads are probably your best bet. Keep in mind that they are expensive. You are going to pay anywhere from $.70 to $1.20 a click, but when you factor in what the subscriber is worth over a period of time, solo ads make sense.

Where can I find Solo Ads for Building an Email List?

Solo ads are readily available online. A simple Google search will produce a number of outlets for solo ads.

I have used among others and have found them to be very useful. is a very user friendly platform where you can see the profile of the sellers as well as the reviews of each seller in each particular niche, and exactly what they charge per click.

Well, we’ve covered solo ads, let’s move on to my next favorite place to drive traffic to my opt ins… Facebook.

Facebook Ads for Building an Email List

First let me say that I LOVE Facebook ads! Similar to solo ads, they are expensive, but they are very easy to implement, and you can start with a small budget, if you wish.

The key to succeeding with Facebook ads for building an email list is targeting. The tools in Facebook will let you whittle down your target audience to really focus on a particular segment.

Here are some tips to get the most out of your Facebook Ads…

• Use keywords that your audience will “like”.
• Target public figures and authors in your niche.
• Target large brands and competitors that are well established.

Yes, Facebook will send your ads to people who “like” your competitors. How powerful is that? If you are Pepsi, You can send an ad only to people that have “liked” Coke… Wow!

I have only begun to tap the resource that is Facebook. If you are focused on building an email list in this day and age, you need to have a strategy for advertising on Facebook.

I’ll leave you with this thought…

Do you know the difference between those of us that are successful and those that are not?

Those of us that are successful take ACTION!

Don’t just think about building an email list… Take ACTION!

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