How to Log Into WordPress - WordPress Tutorial

How to Log Into WordPress – WordPress Tutorial

Learn How To Use WordPressNew to WordPress? This quick tutorial shows you how to log into WordPress.

How To Log into WordPress – Quick Tutorial

If you are a new website administrator, things can sometimes get a little confusing.

If your website is built using the WordPress CMS platform, then one of the main things you need to know is how to log into WordPress control panel, as all of your website’s admin and management tasks are controlled from this area.

Depending on the WordPress theme installed on your site, you may be able to log into WordPress directly from your front page.

Look for a hyperlink that says “Site Admin” or “Admin-Login”. On some websites, the login link can be found in the Meta section of your web site’s sidebar menu

How To Log Into WordPress

If this link is visible on your front page, just click on it …

How To Access Your WordPress Login Page - WP Tutorial Series

This opens up the WordPress login page. Enter your username and password, and click on the Log In button to access your WP Dashboard …

How To Log Into WordPress - How To Use WordPress


Note: The “login” link may not be visible in some WordPress themes. If you cannot see this link on your website, then you will need to type your WordPress site login URL into your browser.

Your WordPress admin login URL typically looks like this:

  • (if WordPress is installed in the root directory of your domain)
  • (if WordPress is installed in a subfolder of your domain, e.g. “blog”)
  • You can access the login section using this URL:


Note: If you cannot see the WordPress login page when you type in one of the URLs above into your web browser, make sure that the location of your WordPress installation is correct.

If you’ve tried all of the above methods and you still cannot see the login section, then you may need to get help troubleshooting the issue.

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