Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam? - Don't Join Until You Read This!

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

I've made a living out of exposing online scams, so when my readers started asking; "Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?"​, I knew it was time to infiltrate this program and go through it with a fine tooth comb.

In this post I am going to share with you exactly what I found inside of Wealthy Affiliate.​

We live in era where online scams are the norm and many people fall victim to online programs that sound too good to be true.

There is nothing as disappointing as investing in a program and finding out it is a scam because you will not only lose your money but also waste time and effort.

To avoid being a victim of such scams, it is advisable that before you invest in any online program you should research exhaustively and thoroughly to ascertain its authenticity.

My Investigation into "Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?"​

Is wealthy affiliate a scam

I decided that the best way to find the answer to, is Wealthy Affiliate a scam,​ would be to join the program and get a close look at exactly what they are offering and if its members were successful and satisfied with the program.

The very first thing that I noticed was that they offered a free option to join.

This immediately put Wealthy Affiliate in a good light in my mind, but I was still skeptical about what they would include for free.

So I signed up for the free account and I was pretty impressed by what was included...

What is included in the Wealthy Affiliate Free Account?​

  • ​2 Free websites using WordPress.
  • 10 task based lessons which include written lessons as well as an in depth video and checklist for completing the tasks. Here are the titles of the ten lessons.
    1. Getting Rolling
    2. Understanding How to Make Money Online
    3. Choose a Niche
    4. Building yourOwn Website
    5. Setting Up your Website
    6. Getting your Site Ready for SEO
    7. Finding Content Ideas from Keywords
    8. Understand Website Pages and Creating Your First 3
    9. Creating Quality Website Content
    10. Congratulations and your Next Steps
  • Also included in the free membership are 10 more task based lessons in their Affiliate Bootcamp, which is designed to teach you how to promote Wealthy Affiliate.
  • You also get unrestricted access to the Wealthy Affiliate Community for your first seven days. 

So far, my answer to, "Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?", would have to be no.

I have never​ seen an online scam that would give prospective members an unrestricted view into exactly what the program has to offer, for free. Without even requiring a credit card!

​You can see for yourself. Join here for free without even a credit card!

I've decided to share an insiders look at Wealthy Affiliate with you!

This is the very first lesson and videos outlining the walkthrough of Wealthy Affiliate!

Click here to see the lesson and videos without joining!

Then you can decide... Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

Wealthy Affiliate Lesson 1

So, I determined there was no scam involved in Wealthy Affiliate's free membership, but I decided to take it a step further and join their paid membership.

Here's what I found...

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam? - Premium Membership

I felt that it was important to go deeper undercover and into the premium membership in order to find the true answer to; "Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam"?

I upgraded to premium membership using the annual option, which cost me less than a dollar a day for the year​.

What I found was more great task based training and now I had the ability to create unlimited websites and hosting all included. Pretty good deal!

Even more importantly, I now had the ability to private message any of the members. 

Including the owners. Yea right... Like they are going to respond!

Ok, so now I was going to test the private message thing and see if I could actually get one of the owners to respond.

I sent a private message to Kyle, one of the co-owners​.

In the message I said that I would like to interview him about Wealthy Affiliate for my website.

​Imagine my surprise when he promptly answered and agreed to do the interview!

You can see the interview by clicking here.​

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam? - My Findings​

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam

I must admit that I was surprised by what I found inside the Wealthy Affiliate program.

My final answer to the question; "Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam"?

Absolutely not!

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best online programs that I have seen in my internet marketing career.​

While I love my premium membership​, I suggest that you start with the free membership and see if it is for you. There is absolutely no obligation and no credit card required.

You have nothing to lose!

Sign up for free using this link and I will provide you with one on one coaching inside Wealthy Affiliate at no charge!​

Below you will find a brief review of Wealth Affiliate.

It contains factual information that will come in handy in helping you determine whether Wealthy Affiliate is tailored to your needs.

Click here for a detailed Wealthy Affiliate Review.​

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Essentially, Wealthy Affiliate is a community membership site aimed at creating and growing successful online businesses.

It is a platform that enables online entrepreneurs to learn from the experts and share their challenges and also have their questions answered.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches members how to make money online and unlike most scams that are "get rich quick" schemes, this platform is aimed at gradual long-term success.

Why Wealthy Affiliate is a legit and worthwhile investment

1. Wealthy Affiliate was started eleven years ago and it has grown steadily as it now has more than 200,000+ members

This program has been wholly embraced by many online entrepreneurs who are passionate and focused on building successful online businesses.

It has loyal members who are from all walks of life ranging from experienced and knowledgeable internet marketers to those who are just starting out.

In 11 years Wealthy affiliate has established a solid reputation as a highly acclaimed platform that is essential for online entrepreneurs.

This is because:

  • It features excellent training; it has detailed lessons that are organized in an easy to understand step-by-step pattern.
  • Wealthy Affiliate has well thought-out weekly webinars that give members great advice and effective tips on building successful online businesses. These webinars are not only informative but are also an enjoyable learning experience.
  • Has all the requirements needed to start and grow an online business such as domain names, training and support.
  • Has a well established site building platform (SiteRubix) that enables members to build websites easily.

2. Wealthy Affiliate is owned by experienced and knowledgeable internet entrepreneurs who are at the top of their game

Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim are the owners of Wealthy Affiliate. They are successful entrepreneurs from British Columbia, Canada.

These two visionaries are creative and inventive entrepreneurs who are experts at their fields.

Additionally, they are extremely passionate and committed to helping people build successful online businesses.

Kyle and Carson actively participate in answering questions, dispensing great advice and taking part in the weekly webinars. This undoubtedly shows their sincerity in assisting members.

Furthermore the entire team of experts at Wealthy Affiliate is knowledgeable, respectful, helpful and very professional.

Apart from Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim also own two other remarkable programs; Jaaxy which is a great research tool and Street Articles which is an online article directory.

3. Wealthy Affiliate has updated and relevant information that is practical for online entrepreneurs.

Wealthy Affiliate has over seven hundred and fifty training updates annually and has had over 155 system improvements in the past year.

This is because the team of experts at Wealthy Affiliate recognizes how ever-adapting and ever-changing online marketing is.

The information is regularly updated to ensure that it stays up to date with the current trends.

Additionally, the four steps to building an online business at Wealthy Affiliate are reasonable and practical.

Here is a brief rundown of the 4 steps to building a business at Wealthy Affiliate

  • Picking an area of interest that intrigues you. It is imperative to choose something you are passionate about as this increases the chances of being successful
  • Guidance on how to build a website; Wealthy Affiliate provides a simple step by step guideline on how to build and maintain a great website.
  • Training on how to drive traffic to your website; after the website is up and running you will also be trained on how to drive traffic to your website and how to increase search engine rankings.
  • Earning revenue; when you website starts getting traffic then you will be trained on how to join an affiliate program and start promoting affiliate programs and services

This four-step program is a reasonable and practical system that does not promise instant overnight success unlike most online scams. It is a procedural system that is aimed at helping members build a successful business that is sustainable for long-term success.

For a more in depth look at these four steps visit How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work.

4. Wealthy Affiliate membership is free for starters giving you the chance to try it out and upgrade to premium only if impressed with the services offered.

Unlike many scams that require questionable membership fees, membership for starters is absolutely free at Wealthy Affiliate.

With free membership you are a basic member and will be able to access 500+ training modules, free hosting for two free websites, unrestricted access to at least 3 classrooms, support from owners for the first seven days, 30 keyword searches every month and the first phase of the boot camp course on building a great authority website.

This gives you the opportunity to try out the program and make an informed decision on whether it is suited to your needs and meets your expectations before making a payment to become a premium member.

As a premium member you will be able to access all the services that Wealthy Affiliate offers.

Wealthy Affiliate membership is reasonably priced; the starter membership is free while the premium membership is $47 monthly.

If you choose annual payments then the amount is $359 for an entire year.

If you choose to upgrade to premium membership within the first week then you will only pay $19 for the first month.

difference between free and premium wealthy affiliate

5. The training programs at Wealthy Affiliate handles subjects that are indispensable to every online entrepreneur

The information Wealthy Affiliate offers its members is not just a series of generalized guidelines but is a detailed tutorial that gives students the knowledge and tools to succeed online.

Students are offered step by step lessons on crucial topics. These lessons are easy to follow and very enjoyable to learn.

Furthermore, after every lesson, the student is given a series of tasks to complete; this is undoubtedly a very effective way of learning.

Some of the subjects that the extensive training at Wealthy Affiliate deals with include;

  • How to select an appropriate niche
  • Effective tips on building a great website
  • Keyword research
  • How to create captivating and fascinating videos that drive traffic to your site
  • Effective search engine optimization techniques
  • Social media engagement techniques
  • How to effectively use pay-per-click

Here are the pros and cons of using Wealthy Affiliate in a nutshell


  • ​Cleary established plan of action that is practical and reasonable
  • Training caters for both beginners and those who already have some experience
  • Has easy to understand tutorials and simple video
  • Has over 10,000 community members who share information with each other
  • Reliable real time support from owners and expert members
  • State of the Art Hosting
  • A strict spam free environment


  • There is a lot of information and it can be overwhelming for a new member. However, the step by step guidance makes it easy to for a learner to understand the information overtime.
  • Although starter membership is free and has some great services, you will have to upgrade to premium in order to access the advanced courses.

Here is a list of the Top 20 Wealthy Affiliate Complaints that I have come across in my years as a member.

I believe that we have thoroughly investigated and fully answered the question...

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

Wikipedia​ defines a scam as...

​An attempt to defraud a person or group after first gaining their confidence.

No, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely not a scam!

If you are interested in investing your time and efforts in building a successful online business, then Wealthy Affiliate is a great program for you that is absolutely legit.

It will not only teach you how to build a profitable online business but will also help you master effective digital marketing techniques that will ensure your online business remains successful.

Join me here for your Free Membership.

I'll see you inside!​

Please leave your questions and comments on "Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?" below.​

J VanDerLaan

Hey Guys! JV here. I have a passion for making money online and sharing my knowledge with others that want to do the same. I've been an affiliate marketer since 2007! I work from home and can't wait to get out of bed in the morning to start another exciting, profitable day! It is awesome to do something that you are passionate about everyday! In full disclosure, it is safe to assume that I am an affiliate for products that I recommend. I will make a commission if you buy through my link. You will not pay more when buying through my link. In fact, oftentimes I have negotiated a lower price (or bonuses) for my readers than you will find anywhere else online. Also, when you buy through my link, it allows me to continue to provide you with tons of FREE valuable information through my blog!

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Ngonyo - January 17, 2020

Hi JV, I have followed your link and tried signing up to the WA program under the free membership ans I want to learn first before I commit to premium membership since I am a total newbie. However, I have not gotten anywhere since I am being told i have to resubscribe my account to access anything. Has the free membership been discontinued?


    J VanDerLaan - January 17, 2020

    Hi Ngonyo,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    The free membership has not been discontinued and is still available. I believe the only restriction may be dependent on your country.

    The best bet is to reach out to support at Wealthy Affiliate. They will be able to help you right away.

    Thanks again Ngonyo,



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