Low Hanging System Review - Don't Buy Until You Read This!

Low Hanging System Review

Low Hanging System Review

Hey Guys, thanks for taking a look at my Low Hanging System Review!

I recently started getting a lot of emails promoting the Low Hanging System and after checking it out a little bit, it really sounded too good to be true.

So what did I do?

Yep, I went ahead and purchased the program so that i could create a real Low Hanging System Review for you guys!

My preference for building an online business is with affiliate marketing, but many of you would like to sell physical products online.

Here's the problem...

The biggest problem for online sellers of physical products is finding the right products to sell online.

That is exactly the problem that Low Hanging System solves.

I went through the whole program for this Low Hanging System Review.

Here is what I found.

What Is The Low Hanging System?

What is the Low Hanging System
low hanging system video

The Low Hanging System is a training and implementation course which teaches you how to sell print on demand products such as mugs, posters, pillow cases, jewelry, etc., on all of the big internet sales sites, like Amazon, ebay, etsy, without spending any money.

Low Hanging System also includes the software that you will be using to find profitable niches and integrates with GearBubble.

What is GearBubble?

GearBubble is a print on demand business, as well as an online marketplace that will dropship your products and fulfill all of your orders.

Who Created The Low Hanging System?

When doing a Low Hanging System Review, I think it is important to take a look at who created the product and whether or not they have created other successful products and businesses.

The Low Hanging System was created by Don Wilson and Rachel Rofé.

Don Wilson

Don Wilson

Rachel Rofé

Rachel Rofé

Don Wilson is the founder of Gearbubble and is responsible for more than 100 million dollars in online sales.

Don has been a successful online entrepreneur for many years and has several online training products and softwares under his belt.

Rachel Rofé is Don's girlfriend that works with him at Gearbubble and has proven that the Low Hanging System works by consistently generating over $5k per month utilizing the very simple system.

According to Rachel's website, she has been featured in Entrepreneur, Fox News, Huffington Post and CNN, but I could not find confirmation of any of those from any other sources.

Low Hanging System Review: Is It A Scam?

Low Hanging System Income Proof

You can't do a Low Hanging System Review without answering the question: Is the Low Hanging System a scam?

I think one of the reasons that the Low Hanging System looks like it may be a scam is because it teaches how to use Gearbubble to sell products online and it was created by the founders of Gearbubble.

This doesn't make it a scam.

Many businesses use training to help people create businesses by using their own business as a resource.

According to Wikipedia, a scam is "an attempt to defraud a person or group after first gaining their trust."

There is no attempt to defraud here.

Don and Rachel do not hide the fact that they are involved with Gearbubble and they provide tons of proof that the system works.

Speaking of which...

Let's take a look at how the Low Hanging System works.

How Does The Low Hanging System Work?

How Does The Low Hanging System Work

The Low Hanging System is a 7 step system designed to teach you how to build a Print on Demand business by selling physical products, like mugs, with text sayings printed on them, on all of the major e-commerce platforms like Amazon, ebay, Etsy, and more.

Let's take a look at the 7 steps.

1. Find Profitable Niches

The Low Hanging System shows you how to find niches that are profitable and already proven to make money and sales. It includes the SpotWins software which can find these niches quickly and efficiently.

2. Find Great Sayings

Low Hanging System Review Examples

This part of the training teaches you how to find great sayings to print on the mugs, or whatever physical product you choose.

This part can actually be fun, as you search through different sayings to find something that will make people buy.

I found myself thinking about the different memes I would see on facebook, even coming up with sayings while in the shower, LOL.

The training also includes a Holiday Guide, which is useful, because this is obviously a very big part of this business.

Also included is the "Watch Me Get Sales" case study that is an over the shoulder training that is very helpful.

3. Set Up Your Account On The GearBubble Website

This part of the training shows you exactly how to set up you account on Gearbubble, which is where your products will be printed and shipped from and it is also an e-commerce site that can get you sales.

4. How To Find And Use Keywords

This section will teach you how to find and use keywords on all of the e-commerce sites so that people will find and buy your products.

In my opinion, this is probably the most important training included in the Low Hanging System and one that you should master if you are going to be successful in this business, or any online business, for that matter.

5. Launch Your Business On Amazon

Amazon Examples

This section teaches how to launch your business on Amazon.

One of the valuable features of the Low Hanging System and working with Gearbubble is that you can get your products on Amazon right away, as opposed to waiting months to have your seller account approved.

The Low Hanging System also includes user friendly mug description templates designed to help you get sales on Amazon.

6. How To Post And Promote On Other Platforms

Etsy examples

While Amazon is the biggest platform, you are definitely leaving money on the table if you are not utilizing all of the available platforms.

This section will walk you through how to post and promote your products on ebay, Etsy, Bonanza and more, complete with checklists to make sure that you don't miss any critical steps.

7. How To Use Gearbubble To Process Your Orders


The Low Hanging System includes one year of free access to Gearbubble for processing all of your orders.

Yes, they do all of the work.

You just send them the order and they print and ship it directly to your customer.

It is the perfect system for building a passive income.

That is the 7 step process of how the Low Hanging System works.

Now let's take a look at the Low Hanging System Review of the features and bonuses.

Low Hanging System Review: Features and Bonuses

Low Hanging System Features

Here we are going to take a look at exactly what is included in the Low Hanging System.

Seamless Integration

The Low Hanging System integrates seamlessly with all of the top e-commerce platforms, making it very simple to post and promote your products across all venues, including:

  • ebay
  • Amazon
  • Spotify
  • GearBubble
  • Etsy

This one-click integration allows you to reach millions of potential customers quickly and easily.

SpotWins and SpotNiches Software

Depending on which version of the Low Hanging System you buy (there are different packages that vary in price), you may get access to the SpotWins and SpotNiches software.

While the software can be helpful, it is not necessary and there are manual methods taught for finding the exact same thing that the software finds, it just takes a little longer.

My point here is, you don't need the software to succeed with the Low Hanging System.

Design Forecaster Software

The design forecaster software forecasts how many designs you need to launch each day in order to meet your sales goals.

Again, not a necessary piece of the puzzle for success.

5 Boxes Of Free Mugs

The complete Low Hanging System includes 5 boxes of free mugs to help you get started.

Each box contains 36 mugs, so that is 180 mugs that you can sell for free.

The average profit is around $14 per mug, so that is over $2500 for free!

That's great except...

You have to take the mugs when you first get started and at that point, you really have no idea what is going to be a good seller.

So I think for many people those 5 boxes of free mugs are just wasted unless you get lucky with a popular design right off the bat.

Free Done For You Designs

Speaking of designs, the Low Hanging System includes 100 done for you designs that you can use on any product that you choose, mugs, jewelry, pillow cases, the choices are endless.

This is a nice bonus, but I have to believe that these designs have been pretty heavily marketed already.

Holiday Success Blueprint

As I stated earlier, the Holidays are going to be big producers in this business and the Holiday Success Blueprint is a very effective guide that will help you make the most of the Holidays.

Inventory Management

The Low Hanging System includes an inventory management feature which is very helpful in determining your inventory and helping you to track sales and ordering.

Facebook Group

The Low Hanging System Facebook group is full of members that are all students of the system and it is very helpful to see what others are having success with, as well as what problems are arising in other people's businesses.

Live Weekly Calls

Depending on the package that you purchase, every week you will have access to a live support call with a mentor that will help you by answering any questions that you have and giving you guidance on how to quickly and efficiently build your business.

Low Hanging System Review: Pros And Cons

Low Hanging System Review: Pros and Cons

Let's take a look at the pros and cons of the Low Hanging System.


  • Complete System - The Low Hanging System is a complete system that includes everything that you need to build a successful dropshipping business
  • Proven - The system is proven to work many times over. 
  • Simple - Everything is very easy to understand and implement.
  • Done For You - Includes many things that are done for you so that you don't have to worry about them.
  • Facebook Group - I have found the Facebook Group to be very helpful.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Lack Of Control - The big downside for me with the Low Hanging System is the lack of control. I am a control freak and I would feel helpless dealing with customer complaints that I had no control over, like shipping delays, or products not meeting expectations.

Low Hanging System Review: Final Thoughts?

When I started to do the research for this Low Hanging System Review, I worked hard to keep an open mind and be objective.

What I found is a system for building an online Print on Demand business that could work, but, like any other business, it is going to require a lot of hard work.

I mean hard work every day.

If you are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme then you are in the wrong place, but just a word of advice before you leave.

There is no such thing as Get Rich Quick.

Any online business that is going to be successful is going to require a lot of hard work.

I still prefer building an affiliate marketing business with Wealthy Affiliate, but if you would rather get into building an online business with physical products, this is one of the best ways to get started that I have seen.

Please leave your questions and comments on the Low Hanging System Review Below.

Thanks for stopping by!


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