Sendlane Autoresponder Review 2018

Sendlane Review

In today's Sendlane review​ I will give you an in depth look at this autoresponder and answer any questions that you may have.

I think you'll agree with me when I say that if you are building  a successful business, you have to have an email list.

Here's the problem...

There are so many autoresponders out there that it is difficult to find one that meets your needs and your budget.​

Let's get into this Sendlane Review and see if this autoresponder company can meet your needs and goals for your business.

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Who Founded Sendlane?​

Jimmy Kim

Sendlane was founded in 2013 by a couple of very successful internet entrepreneurs.

Jimmy Kim and Anik Singal were looking for an all inclusive management system for their online business.

Despite their connections in the industry, they were unable to find what they were looking for.

In true entrepreneurial fashion, they recognized the problem and decided to create their own solution.

anik singal

They had a vision to create the Ultimate Digital Marketing Platform with the ability to create and manage Landing Pages, Thank You Pages, Autoresponders, Automation, Campaigns, Broadcasts, and sales marketing funnels.

A complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution​ for their digital marketing businesses.

Sendlane was born...

Check out this Sendlane video!

Sendlane Pricing

Sendlane pricing is right in line with others in the autoresponder market.

You can see the pricing of their competitors in our Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best​ Autoresponder.



Up to 500


Up to 2,500


Up to 5,000


Up to 10,000


Up to 25,000


Up to 50,000


There are no hidden fees or extra costs associated with a Sendlane account. Everything is easy to understand and it is simple to scale your business as your email list grows.

Sendlane Free Trial

Sendlane does offer a free trial. It is a 14 day free trial and a credit card is required as it will upgrade to a paid account after 14 days based on the number of subscribers that you have in your account.

While it is not ideal, it does offer you a chance to test drive the Sendlane autoresponder and come up with your own review in order to decide if it is right for you.

I would much rather see a forever free account for a low number of subscribers aimed at those just getting started in email marketing. Something similar to the Forever Free Account outlined in our MailerLite Review.

Now that we know what Sendlane costs, let's take a look at what features are included in the cost.

Sendlane Features

Sendlane Features

Sendlane offers a rich suite of high quality features aimed at the digital marketing platform.​

Let's take a look...

Newsletter Campaigns

  • ​Create stunning newsletters with ease.
  • Drag and Drop Editor makes it simple to convey your message.
  • Schedule your newsletters with ease.
  • Choose from available newsletter templates or create your own.

Email Autoresponder

  • Schedule emails beginning the moment a new subscriber signs up.
  • Create as many autoresponder messages as you like.
  • Campaign analytics to determine the performance of your emails.​

Landing Pages

  • Over 50 templates that can be customized for your needs.
  • Drag and Drop editor makes it easy to create Landing Pages and Thank You Pages.
  • Eliminates the need for a company like Leadpages.
  • Include countdown timers, videos and more.
  • Created by the leaders in the email marketing industry.
Sendlane Landing Page Templates

Workflows and Marketing Automation

This is where Sendlane shines. Taking your email marketing automation to the next level.​

  • Create high converting sales funnels.​
  • Move subscribers to new sales funnels and lists based on their behavior, clicks, opens, etc.
  • Subscriber Notifications.
  • List hygeine - Easily clean your list of inactive subcribers.
  • Use tags to automatically segment subscribers.


Sendlane integrates seamlessly with​ all of the top web applications and services with the Sendlane API.

Sendlane has a pretty cool integration feature that isn't readily available with other autoresponders.​

They offer a software that will integrate with ​PayPal, ClickBank, JVZoo, Warrior Plus and others.

This software makes it possible to collect the email and contact information from sales that you make at these vendors.

Even as an affiliate!

Think about how powerful this Sendlane integration is.

Usually, as an affiliate, you send the customer to a vendor and the vendor captures their email.

Now you, the affiliate, can capture their email as well!​

There have been some complaints online about Sendlane integrations, but you have to remember that this company is only 4 years old and they have grown rapidly, so integrations that they didn't have two years ago, they may have now.​

The best way to see if Sendlane integrations will work with your applications would be to sign up for a free 14 day trial and try it out!​

Sendlane Integrations

Optimized Timing

This Sendlane Feature is one of my favorites. It automatically sends your email based on the time that each of your subscribers usually open their emails.

Think about how powerful hat is for a minute.​

Campaign Reports and Analytics

Sendlane's campaign reports and analytics allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of your email campaigns and adjust your strategy based on performance.

Sendlane Campaign Reports
Email Statistics​
  • ​Open Rates
  • Click Rates
  • Successful Deliveries
  • Hard Bounces and Soft Bounces.
  • Unsubscribes
  • Which Links were Clicked.
  • Subscribers with Highest Open Rates.
Landing Page Statistics​
  • Total Visitors
  • Unique Visitors
  • Your Opt in Rate
  • Weekly and Monthly Overviews.
  • Conversion Rates​

Subscriber Management

  • Easily segment your subscribers based on actions, interests and more.
  • Easily import subscribers from another autoresponder company.
  • Get detailed reports on the actions and behaviors of your subscribers.​

Sendlane Tagging Feature

Sendlane's tagging feature allows you to automatically tag subscribers based on what they did or did not do.

You can then decide what actions to send to each tagged subscribers. This makes the segmentation product as automated as it can be.

Sendlane Support

Sendlane Support

Sendlane provides 24/7 email and chat support.

I had my first encounter with Sendlane support recently on a Sunday morning.

I had a question that i couldn't find the answer to in their extensive knowledge database.

I emailed support at 8:27 am and received a comprehensive response at 8:32 am.

That's impressive.

New for 2018 - Sendlane Retargeting

One of the hottest buzzwords in 2018 is retargeting or remarketing. It is a term used to describe a way of advertising that gets customers or potential customers back to your website.

Sendlane has just introduced email retargeting for all of its customers as a new feature included at no cost.

How does Email Retargeting Work?

Sendlane Email Retargeting
  1. A subscriber visits your website.
  2. The visitor leaves your website without taking a pre-prescribed action that you wanted them to take. (purchase your product, or some other action)
  3. An email is automatically sent to them to convince them to come back to your site.

Think about how powerful email retargeting can be!

Click the button below and sign up for a free account to see email retargeting in action.

Sendlane Deliverability

There have been many people questioning Sendlane deliverability. I have moved a small number of subscribers to them in order to test the Sendlane deliverability and I have found it to be in line with my other autoresponders.

I should say that deliverability is dependent on many different issues and it is hard to make a judgement on deliverability without sending the exact same message, with exact subject line to a list that has substantially the same average open rates.

So this is what I did in order to test Sendlane deliverability.

I found that the Sendlane open rate was slightly lower than my other responder open rate, but it is hard to tell whether that was a deliverability issue or not.

Sendlane Review Summary

We have covered a lot in this Sendlane Review and I think we have answered any questions that you may have.

I found Sendlane a couple of years ago, but they were just getting the company off the ground and with any young company, there were problems.

So I let them grow and work through their problems before I decide to give them a test drive and evaluate them for this review.

What I found was an autoresponder company with extremely lofty goals to provide an all in one management system for digital marketers.

That is a big undertaking and when you try to be everything to everybody, sometimes things fall through the cracks.​

I believe that they have gotten through the initial growing pains and are on their way to becoming one of the premier autoresponders in the email marketing industry.

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Kelly - August 27, 2018

Thank you for the info.

I just signed up 🙂

    J VanDerLaan - August 29, 2018

    Hi Kelly,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    I think that you will find that Sendlane is exactly what you need for email marketing.

    Be sure to read their bog posts as they are very helpful.

    Thanks again Kelly!


Mary - August 24, 2018

Hi JV,

Looks like Sendlane has all the great features.
Why it didn’t make your Best Autoresponders list for 2018?


    J VanDerLaan - August 29, 2018

    Hi Mary,

    Thanks for your question on my Sendlane Review!

    The truth is that I had written and published my Best Autoresponders article before I was using Sendlane.

    As we speak, I am preparing to update the Best Autoresponders post in order to include Sendlane.

    Hope this answers your question!


Susan Ross - March 19, 2018

Dear JV,
Really glad I found you, really appreciate your review of “SendLane”
sure did relieve some apprehension on my part, Thank You.

    J VanDerLaan - March 21, 2018

    Hi Susan,

    Thanks for the awesome comment!

    I really like SendLane, especially for affiliate marketers.

    They have added a really cool retargeting feature for 2018 that you should check out if you have a chance.

    The fact of the matter is that none of the autoresponder companies are perfect, but SendLane seems to hit the sweet spot of performance vs price that savvy business owners look for.

    Thanks again Susan for adding value to my Sendlane review!



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