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Thrive Themes Review 2020

thrive themes review

I think you'll agree with me when I say that finding the right WordPress theme can be a daunting task. In this Thrive Themes review, I will go through the pros and cons of this conversion focused group of WordPress themes.

I will also provide a review of each of the 10 individual themes in the Thrive Themes collection. 

I built this website at Wealthy Affiliate using Thrive Themes FocusBlog and I have built many more websites using all of the different Thrive Themes, so I am uniquely qualified to publish aa authentic Thrive Themes Review.

You will find my Thrive Themes Review Summary directly below and if you continue down the page, you will find my full Thrive Themes Review.​

Thrive Themes Review Summary

Product Name:  Thrive Themes

Product Type:  Conversion Focused WordPress Themes

Price: Pricing starts at $49, but I highly recommend that you get the Thrive Themes membership which gives you access to all of the amazing Thrive Themes plugins. Membership price is $19 per month.

Summary: Thrive Themes offers a suite of conversion focused WordPress Themes and plugins designed to convert your visitors into subscribers and customers. The themes are super lightweight and lightning fast with incredible functionality. Each theme comes with fully customizable sales page and lead generation page templates. 

Rating: I highly recommend Thrive Themes. I use them for my websites!

What are Thrive Themes?

Thrive Themes are a suite of conversion focused WordPress themes designed to turn your visitors into subscribers and buyers.

If you are running a WordPress blog or website with the purpose of benefitting financially from your work, then Thrive Themes are for you.

Each Thrive Theme comes fully loaded with multiple full customizable page templates to save you tons of time and shorten your learning curve.

  • Home Page Templates
  • Sales Page Templates
  • Lead Generation Page Templates
  • Video Lead Generation Page Templates
  • Email Confirmation Page Templates
  • Thank You Page Templates
  • And More...

Check out the video below to learn more!

Thrive Themes Features

Thrive Themes are feature packed with loads of things that aren't included in most WordPress themes, eliminating the need for lots of different plugins that are a pain to manage and can slow down your blog or website.​

  • Built For Speed
  • Responsive Design
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Automatic Image Optimization
  • Responsive Google Maps
  • Page Sections
  • Opt-In Forms
  • Blank Space & Content Container
  • Progress Bars
  • Animated Counters
  • Pricing Tables
  • Buttons
  • Countdown Timer
  • Follow Me Social Icons
  • Blog Post Galleries
  • Blog Post Lists
  • Custom Font Headlines
  • Pull Quotes
  • Headline Focus
  • Drop Caps & Text Highlights
  • Responsive Columns
  • Testimonials
  • Feature Grid
  • Click-to-Call Number
  • Divider Line Styles
  • Content Boxes

Thrive offers 10 different themes all designed for maximum conversions. Let's take a look at each of the individual themes.

Individual Thrive Themes Review

Thrive Themes FocusBlog Review

Thrive Themes FocusBlog Review

I am using the FocusBlog Theme for and I absolutely love it!

Check out the FocusBlog Demo here​.

The FocusBlog theme is designed for creating a fast, professional, clean looking blog or business website that converts your visitors into subscribers, customers or clients.

My conversions have skyrocketed since switching to Thrive Themes!

My favorite features of FocusBlog include:

  1. Automatic Page Generator. You can create all different kinds of fully customizable pages with just a few clicks! This has saved me tons of time compared to other WordPress themes that I have used in the past.
  2. Built in opt in forms and landing page templates have eliminated the need for a service like Leadpages, saving me lots of money!
  3. Built in Floating Social Buttons. Eliminating the need for yet another WordPress Plugin!

​I have used many WordPress themes and I can honestly say that Thrive Themes FocusBlog is by far my favorite in terms of usability and functionality. It has more than you ever imagined a Premium theme could include.

Thrive Themes Rise Review

Thrive Themes Rise Review

The Rise theme was designed and built in collaboration with my good friend and veteran internet marketer, Zac Johnson.​

For those of you that don't know him, Zac is a very successful blogger and ​affiliate marketer that was making money online before he was even out of high school! He is THE authority figure in the blogging community, and if he helped design the Rise theme, I can guarantee it is a good one.

Check out the Rise theme Demo​ here.

Rise is an ultra fast, elegant theme designed for affiliate marketers, bloggers and anyone that makes money online. The theme has been ultra refined to far exceed the features of any other premium theme.​

The Rise theme is optimized for conversions with built in opt in forms​, built in lead generation page templates, thank you page templates, download page templates, and sales page templates.

As an affiliate marketer, I am always looking for tools and resources to make my job easier and the Rise theme is definitely one of those tools!​

Thrive Themes Storied​ Review

Thrive Themes Storied Review

The Storied theme was built for bloggers that have a story to tell​. The theme is designed to showcase multi media posts, including video, audio, image and other multi media posts.

Of course, it is a Thrive Theme, so it is perfectly optimized for converting your visitors, with focus areas to display opt ins and multiple conversion focused page templates.​

Check out the Storied theme demo here.​

​If you are a blogger and like to tell your story with audio, video and other multimedia formats, you should check out the Storied theme today!

Thrive Themes Pressive Review

Thrive Themes Pressive Review

​Pressive is designed to WOW your visitors without overwhelming them. We have to keep in mind that our objective is to convert our visitors to subscribers or customers and this is where Pressive shines!

This theme has just enough of the flashiness to impress your visitors without distracting them from your  content.​

​If you are looking to impress your readers without distracting them from your content, then Pressive is for you!

Lightning fast, conversion optimizes, stylish and functional.​

Thrive Themes Performag Review

Thrive Themes Performag Review

Performag is an awesome magazine style theme loaded with features!

I use Performag on some of my niche sites and I absolutely love it!

Some of my favorite features of this theme are:

  • Magazine style homepage layout builder.
  • Gallery style drop down menus.
  • Speed optimized related posts feature.
  • Slide gallery post type.
  • Custom ad manager with detailed targeting options.
  • Built in floating social buttons.
  • Dynamic sidebar backgrounds.
  • And More!

Performag is not just for news and magazine sites. I have had great success utilizing this theme and all of its features on niche sites.

Thrive Themes Voice Review

Thrive Themes Voice Review

The Voice theme is a blogging theme that focuses on authors and content. Designed for maximum readability.

It has a headerless design that puts your content front and center without distractions.

It contains a narrower sidebar that is partially scrolling and partially static, so that you can keep valuable links in view all of the time.

Thrive Themes Voice features:

  • Post author prominently displayed next to content.
  • Speed-optimized related posts gallery.
  • Automatic image optimization.
  • Built-in floating social buttons.
  • Dynamic sidebar backgrounds.
  • Click-to-call phone numbers.
  • Font manager with 600+ fonts to choose from.
  • A wide array of short codes.
  • And Much More!

Thrive Themes Squared Review

Thrive Themes Squared Review

If you are looking for a fully featured marketing theme with a bold design and lightning fast, then Squared may be for you!

Squared can be switched between 6​ eye catching color styles, blue, green, orange, purple, teal and red.

Squared comes complete with everything you need in a theme for your business.

  • Create a stunning blog​.
  • Build an email list with targeted opt-in forms.
  • Create high-converting landing pages.
  • Create high converting sales pages.
  • Boost social sharing and followers.
  • And More!

​Thrive Themes Minus Review

Thrive Themes Minus review

Minus is a multi purpose design with a minimalist look.

However, "minimalist" only applies to the look, as this theme is packed with all of the features that the other Thrive Themes are known for.

  • ​Visual theme customizer.
  • Extensive admin options.
  • Customizable header.
  • Built in features to grow your email list.
  • Automatic page generator.
  • Amazing Support.
  • And much more!

Thrive Themes Ignition Review

Thrive Themes Ignition Review

As with all of the Thrive Themes, Ignition is a WordPress theme designed to create amazing marketing and sales pages with multiple templates focused on getting conversions.

Features of the Ignition Theme:

  • Built for speed.​
  • Clean, professional design.
  • Available in multiple color styles.
  • 100% mobile resonsive.
  • Search Engine Optimized.
  • Multi-column extended drop down menus.
  • And much more!

Ignite your sales with the Thrive Themes Ignition theme today!

Thrive Themes Luxe Review

Thrive Themes Luxe Review

Luxe is a theme that is focused on putting your content on stage, front and center, and doing it in a luxurious way without all of the distractions associated with most "luxury" themes.

Luxe has all of the features found in the other Thrive Themes.​

  • Available in multiple color styles.
  • 100% conversion focused.
  • Targeted opt-in forms.
  • Easy autoresponder integration.
  • Pre designed Landing Page templates.
  • Pre designed Sales Page template.
  • Lightning fast for better SEO.
  • And much more!

The Best Thing About Thrive Themes - Thrive Architect!

Thrive Architect is revolutionizing the way that we create content in WordPress!

It is the most intuitive, fastest WordPress Visual editor that you have ever encountered!​

With Thrive Architect, you can see the page as you build, there is no more toggling back and forth, updating the page, switching tabs, refreshing the page to see what your changes look like.

The changes happen in real time, and you see exactly what it looks like right in front of you!

It is simply a better way to create and edit content.

Once you try it, you will never go back to the old clunky WordPress Editor!

Click here to read my full Thrive Architect review and Tutorial.

My Thrive Themes Review Recommendation

I recommend that you consider becoming a member at Thrive Themes.

What does it mean to be a member?

Members get access to all of the amazing plugins and themes that Thrive has to offer.

You also get any new plugins or themes absolutely free when you are a member!

Here's what is currently included in Thrive Themes memership.

I can honestly say that becoming a Thrive Themes member is one of the best decisions that I have ever made for my business.

I hope that you have found this Thrive Themes review helpful. I honestly believe that you will not find better WordPress Themes on the market today.

Please leave your comments and questions on my Thrive Themes review below.​

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Andrew - November 24, 2016

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