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Tools I Use to Power My Blog and Run My Online Business

I have had a lot of requests to share all of the tools that I use to power my blog and successfully run my online business. Below you will find all of the tools I use.

Best Hosting

BlueHost Hosting

This website is currently hosted with Bluehost and I could not be happier. I have many websites that utilize a number of different hosting companies and Bluehost is my favorite! Check them out here! You can host unlimited websites under one low priced account that includes all of the features that you will need!

Thrive Themes Review

Thrive Themes

This website uses the FocusBlog theme from Thrive Themes. It is an amazingly fast, conversion focused theme that is perfect for an online business. They have many themes to choose from, but they are all focused on speed and conversions. Check out my review here or just visit their website!​


Sendlane for Emails

Sendlane was started by internet entrepreneurs Jimmy Kim and Anik Singal to provide an email marketing platform for internet marketers! They offer everything that you want in an email marketing platform and more! Check out my review here or just visit the Sendlane Website.


GetResponse for Emails

One of the best things that you can do for your online business is to begin building your email list as soon as possible. I'm sure that you have heard the phrase "The money is in the list". GetResponse makes it very easy to integrate with your landing pages and it is free to get started! Check out the GetResponse website by clicking here!

Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro Keyword Tool

The success of any online business lies squarely in your ability to do high quality keyword research. Long Tail Pro is the best solution that I have found for this task and it is very user friendly. They also offer a seven day trial for $1. Check out my review here or just visit the Long Tail Pro Website by clicking here.

thrive landing pages review

Thrive Landing Pages

Thrive Landing Pages make it super easy to create stunning pop ups and conversion focused subscription forms​ that will turbo boost your list building efforts! They integrate seamlessly with most autoresponders, including my favorite GetResponse. Check out my review here or just visit their website here.

Ecover Authority

I created the book cover on the left in just minutes with a couple of clicks using Ecover Authority. This product eliminates the need for photoshop and will have you creating all kinds of awesome covers and graphics! It is a huge timesaver and very inexpensive! Check it out here!

jaaxy keyword tool

Jaaxy Keyword Tool

While I believe that Long Tail Pro is a superior keyword research tool, Jaaxy deserves mention here because I do use it and because it has a 100% free option for you to get started. My advice to you is to sign up for the free option and see what you think. You can check out my Jaaxy review here or just click here to visit the Jaaxy website.

These are some of the most important tools that I use to power this website and many others. I have compiled these tools over the last ten years in my online business.

I have used other tools over the years, but these are the ones that have stood the test of time!​

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Eric - April 19, 2017


A few years ago I joined ‘Site Build It’ in hopes of creating a profitable website. Unfortunately my day job has restricted me in pursuing this they way I would have liked to. I am now getting back into creating my website but at the present time only have my domain name The more I read about SBI the less enthused I become and was thinking about leaving for a more up to date service to help me since I am a beginner. My problem is my domain name, which I really like, is registered through SBI. My fee for another year is coming up in a couple months and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how I can get my domain name moved to somewhere else. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    J VanDerLaan - April 19, 2017

    Hey Eric,

    Thanks for stopping by!

    First off, great domain name!

    I would suggest that you move to Wealthy Affiliate. I moved there from Site Build It and could not be happier.

    Moving your domain name is very easy once you join WA.

    Once you are a member at WA, you contact SBI support and let them know that you want to transfer your domain. They will give you an authorization code to enter at WA and the process will begin. If I remember correctly, it takes a few days for the transfer to complete.

    Hope this helps!



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